AAM – September 2020 Quarterly Report

Southern Cross Poultry Fund
Riverlands Free Range 

AAM had the privilege to welcome the ABC Landline team onto one of the Southern Cross Poultry Fund free range poultry assets in South Australia. AAM were able to share the sustainability and production efficiency initiatives that have been developed and implemented at this asset over the past 3 years with the broader agricultural industry.


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AAM Diversified Agriculture Fund (ADAF)
Australian Livestock Company


Quarterly highlights

– ALC has expanded the asset base in Central Western Queensland with the lease agreement of 8,992ha property, Wooroolah
– Livestock sales of surplus and aged stock have resulted in positive returns
– Agistment of breeding females maximises returns from earlier breeding female acquisitions

AAM Diversified Agriculture Fund (ADAF)
Sunshine Farms Aggregation

Quarterly highlights

– During the quarter AAM successfully exchanged contracts for two additional complimentary assets – Warili and Bergen Park – these assets were subsequently settled in early October
– Sunshine Farms assets have received above average rainfall during the quarter to boost the 7,000ha of winter crops in production
– Upcoming harvest is expected to contribute material income to the portfolio, albeit dependent on the impact of forecast wet seasonal conditions

Pastoral Development Trust
Legune Station

Quarterly highlights

– 17,000 ML of water was released from Forsyth Creek Dam to flood irrigate grazing land on Legune Station
– Rebreeding rates have significantly improved through the Legune Station breeding herd
– First batch of feedlot program cattle successfully delivered