Track Record

AAMIG is an expert investment and asset manager, with an extensive track record of delivering superior returns to investors across a range of agricultural enterprises.

CRF: 250% ROIC over three years in Australian lamb processing


In 2011, AAMIG acquired a majority stake in CRF, one of Australia’s largest lamb processing facilities.


Over the next two years AAMIG re-engineered the operational management of the facility.


Operational initiatives and strategic capital investment drove an increase in processing numbers from 900,000 to 1,500,000 million annually.


AAMIG positioned CRF for trade sale to a strategic acquirer, achieving an exit from the investment in less than 3 years, and delivering 250% return on invested capital.

Livestock Exchange: Technology underpinning Australia’s export market access


Established in 2003 to provide operational performance and profitability improvements in livestock businesses by simplifying livestock traceability and management systems and facilitating enhanced livestock transactions and market transparency.


Developed proprietary technology systems and methodology’s in 2005 that remains today as the most widely used data collection and management systems throughout all levels of the domestic and export livestock supply chains.


The software platform developed by Livestock Exchange has led to the successful implementation of livestock traceability and biosecurity management systems to underpin multi billion dollar livestock industry’s both in Australia and internationally.


Widely adopted technology platform, with 95% market share domestically at the time of transaction, processing $6.7 billion in livestock transactions domestically and over $9.0 billion globally on an annual basis.


Business and IP divested over a 4 year period from 2011 to a global agribusiness listed on the New York Stock Exchange.