Asset Management

At AAM Investment Group we are a team of agricultural experts that invest in agricultural enterprises that will benefit from a ‘active management’ strategy.

Our diversified portfolio enables us to utilise share knowledge and challenge the status quo in operations to maximise value of each investment.  Strategy capital expenditure targeting at operational cost reduction and diversifying revenue streams is a key focus of our organisation to maximise returns for investors.


Active Operational Management


Our representatives are intimately involved in the operational management and strategic direction of all assets under our stewardship. We take our operational and fiduciary management obligations seriously and actively engages in the day-to-day performance of the business.


This ensures that operational performance is in line with forecast outcomes and allows for the efficient resolution of any matters likely to have a material impact on the financial performance of any asset.


The financial performance of each individual enterprise is monitored continuously to ensure the early identification of any unforeseen anomalies or opportunities within the operation of the enterprise. A key strength of our management process is the quantum and detail of performance data which is captured during management operations.


We have extensive experience in the development and redevelopment of processing assets. We have the ability to deliver turn-key solutions across a broad range of capital investment activities premised on increasing production, reducing operational expenditure and improving investor returns.


Our asset management philosophy is to take an entire supply chain approach and develop integrated relationships to provide opportunities to maximise financial rewards or, as the case may be, minimise input costs and expenses.